Who Should Perform Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

When you start researching, you will see that rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty and facial aesthetics is a subject of science in itself. In order to master this subject, it is necessary to spare time for the literature, meetings and scientific studies that should be followed. It is necessary to read the past experiences well and to follow new developments and techniques very well. I have many different treatment areas; rhinoplasty de yapıyorum diyecek kadar geniş zamanım olmadığını biliyorum. Bu konuya kendimi vermemin sebebi bu.

Specialized people should do this surgery. Facial Plastic Surgery Specialists in the USA perform these surgeries. Both otolaryngologists and plastic surgeons are specialized in this regard.

So, how do we understand that the people who perform this surgery in our country are specialized in this regard?

The nose is a very important organ both aesthetically and functionally. Nose surgery The specialist should have a good grasp of the turbinate and lymphatic tissues in the nose, the mucosal structure and physiology. In addition, he should be able to evaluate the harmony of the nose with the face and consider the face as a whole. He should be able to offer alternatives to his patients in subjects such as eyebrow-nose line, eyelid aesthetics, under-eye light filling, profiloplasty, chin tip aesthetics, forehead fat injection and even ear aesthetics. Physician and patient should be able to talk all the details and act together.

For this reason too rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty Before deciding on the surgery, it would be right to ask the ear nose and throat doctor to check it.